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Early Adopter and BEYOND!

Just because we’re challenged to find a buyer for our recently revealed super cool TinyGiantHose doesn’t mean we’re stopping with our deep dive down the rabbit hole of AMAZING tiny house integrations and design!

Photo Courtesy of: The Endesa Pavilion
Photo Courtesy of: The Endesa Pavilion

Turns out, as I had designed TinyGiant for myself with my very specific and crazy lifestyle of rock-climbing, aquaponic ecosystem-toting,¬†client inspired-wallpaper, I realized how much of an early-adopter I am to most everything. It’s hard to sell something so specific and ‘outlying’. I do find it ironic, however that the tiny house movement in and of itself is by it’s very nature an outlier-esque movement. ūüôā

That said, I am happy to announce that we are working up designs for a TinyTOO! Specific goals for this one will be,

To go even more off-grid with 2X the FUN!

We are packing this new tiny with even more badass-ness! Believe it or not, if you think TinyGiant blew your hair back, we’re happy to be bringing you yet another, Modern&TINY house¬†that will continue to showcase our true love for design, innovation and keen sense of outright funcitonal-cool!

Photo Courtesy of:
Photo Courtesy of:

Of course! –¬†I won’t let you go before I offer you but a sample of features coming in,¬†TinyTOO:

solar shading + passive solar heating
green roof
expandable roof over bed to sitting area on roof
fungus insualtion
electric opacity changing windows
root cellar
Solar PV
Solar HotWater
vertical wall garden
Climbing wall outside
Tensegrity structuring
rainwater collection
Opaque walls for cross-lighting
…will it float?!
…AND BEYOOOooooooonnnnnnnnddddddd!! ūüôā
If you’re interested in the TinyGiant, or have a wild hair to do something original, please feel free to reach out.

TinyGiantHouse #1 Up FOR SALE

Featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living and one of the most viewed homes at the recent Tiny House Jamboree, TinyGiant House is a 200 sq ft masterpiece perfectly suited for full time living or a recreational retreat. This home is a dream come true for a creative outdoor soul with an interior rock wall, functioning skylight, attached chicken coop, and a fish tank that feeds the self contained aquaponics system. All without compromising on modern comforts like a combined washer dryer unit, full size shower, and furniture that works double duty as storage. Fully equipped with solar power and a SunMar composting toilet, this house can be taken off grid or connected to municipal utilities. TinyGiant House is open and spacious while remaining within legal road restrictions, no special license is required to move it. You really need to see it to believe. Make an appointment today.

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This house is an amazing piece of property…and super fun and functional to live in! It is perfect for the crafts-person, college student, adventure-seeking¬†nomad, or outdoor-lover!

Here’s the run down…(contact info at bottom)

For Sale ($55,000)
24’ trailer + 2’ cantilevered nook & Master Loft
312SF (192SF first floor + 120SF combined loft space)

This house has been featured on HGTV on their Tiny House, Big Living show and was the bell of the ball at the recent Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs. Own this gem and have fun wherever you are with it’s innumerable features!

Butterfly roof for rainwater collection
900W Solar Array (Approximately 30A*12hrs) GO OFF-GRID!
Aquaponics System
Chicken Coop
Avanti 9.2cuft Refrigerator
Whirlpool full size Washer/Dryer Combo unit
Full size shower
SunMar Excel Compost Toilet
Climbing Wall
LG 12,000BTU 17SEER Ductless Mini Split AC/Heat
LED Lighting
45 Gallon Water storage tank
High albedo metal roofing
Spray foam insulated
125A Main Breaker
60A Secondary Distribution Panel with 12 Branch DC
Reclaimed White Oak TnG flooring

Trailer Length 24’
Total Length 30’
Gross Weight 13,800lbs
Dual 7K Axles
House Width 8‚Äô5‚ÄĚ
House Height 13‚Äô3‚ÄĚ
House Length 26’

For more information or a viewing contact: Rob Irwin




OUCH! This Tiny Home Isn’t Working!

I’m sure many have reveled in the tiny home movement. It has such an energy behind it and I can say with confidence the people involved and interested are amazing souls. On the flip side, the reality of living in a tiny home can be downright laughable to most who haven’t experienced it. The inescapable¬†tiny little bathrooms, or overhead lofts…with no overhead are all part of the mix…or are they?

As an industrial designer and tiny home¬†liaison, it’s quite often that ergonomics and human factors come up. Human factors¬†is a field of study within the design world that entails design criteria for human form, movement, and use. It is also the study of form, placement, and arrangements.

We’ve all experienced poorly conceived products and environments. You could¬†experiencing this when you¬†bump your head or hip on a low overhang, or tight turn in a home, or maybe some product just doesn’t seem to fit well in your hand…or you find using the ‘thing’ to be too cumbersome and awkward.¬†This is the design failure of human factors and ergonomics and why the application¬†of human factors in the world of tiny homes are all the more important.
bang-headBeing constrained to tight spaces can be stressful! When designing a tiny home, moving freely and being able to navigate your environment is a must!¬†For those versed in the habitation of tiny homes, I’m sure you concur.

For first-timers in a tiny home this can be a HUGE adjustment.  Living in a tiny home can be a boon for personal progress, it can also be the bane of your existence if all you do is bonk your mellon on the bathroom lights and trip on your steps every time you want to climb into bed.

Wait, there is hope! All of this can be mitigated, but only if considered from the beginning! Moving walls and shifting layouts in a tiny can be more than challenging, if not unfeasible. Appliances are also something to consider. I may post a continued blog from this regarding additional solutions, however, speaking with your designer/architect about your particular habits, ‘stuff needs’, and general lifestyle can go a long way to creating an environment that’s right for you in every way, shape and form. ūüėČ

Note: If you have questions or are looking for a consultation, feel free to message us on FB at: Modern and TINY

Thanks, Rob


We have a FB page. Our tiny home design company will be at this years first ever Tiny Home Jamboree in Colorado Springs, CO. Come check the house out August 7-9th.

Come follow¬†us on the ‘Book’ here:¬†

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.07.49 AM

Come See Us!

Be sure to catch us at the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, August, 7-9th, 2015. Looking forward to meeting everyone! This is going to be a HUGE event. The first of it’s kind with spectators, designers, suppliers, and builders from all 50 states and 5 countries!

Check out the event here on their page:

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 7.56.13 AM

Shared: The science of why you should spend your money on experiences and not things

Source: FastCompany
Source: FastCompany

It’s counterintuitive that something like a physical object that you can keep for a long time doesn’t keep you as happy as long as a once-and-done experience does. Ironically, the fact that a material thing is ever present works against it, making it easier to adapt to. It fades into the background and becomes part of the new normal. But while the happiness from material purchases diminishes over time, experiences become an ingrained part of our identity.

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods,” says Gilovich. “You can really like your material stuff. You can even think that part of your identity is connected to those things, but nonetheless they remain separate from you. In contrast, your experiences really are part of you. We are the sum total of our experiences.”

Redefine YOUR American Dream!

I’m taking this FREE online MOOC from edX (MITx), and thought it quite pertinent to the discussion of tiny home living. Wanted to share, in case some of you out there are struggling to redefine your dreams.

Here’s an excerpt:¬†To understand how we got here, and what we can do about it, we have to understand the world of work.¬† In this course, we‚Äôll trace the history of work and employment that has made the economy work so well in the past.¬† And we‚Äôll uncover what‚Äôs gone wrong, in order to figure out new solutions that fit today‚Äôs workforce, economy, and society.

We‚Äôll also take you on a personal journey.¬† You‚Äôll define what the ‚ÄúAmerican Dream‚ÄĚ means to you and your peers, no matter where you live.¬† What are your goals, aspirations and dreams?¬† How can you make them happen?



Top 5 Tiny Floor Plan Designs Considerations

There are innumerable ways to assess how your tiny can best suit your living needs. I could go on personally waxing poetically about aesthetics, or finishes, or architectural provenance, but I’ll spare you for now on this one. Instead, I will do what I do best and wax in strategic technicolor…

Below, I have put together my top 5¬†topics to help get you started. There are for certain many more obstacles, and personal slings and arrows to address, but this’ll get ya started. Note: You’ll want to grab a pen and paper for this little exercise.

 1. Lifestyle РDo you have an active lifestyle? Do you like to chill after work watching Breaking Bad? In to ripping down a mountain at breakneck speed on your full suspension custom mountain bike? Have pets? Or do you appreciate the finer things in life like cooking and entertaining friends?

Think about who you are, who you will be ¬†in the future and then think about how each of the activities you love to do or will do coincide with needing specific designated spaces and storage. One other thing is to think about how you’re lifestyle shifts throughout the seasons, as your needs/wants will too. Make a list and break it down by season!

cool-interior-design-ideas-with-long-table_Cool-Interior-Design-Ideas-With-Long-Table2. Personality – We all have a pretty good idea of our particular personality traits. If you’re a little foggy on this, just ask a good friend, they’ll tell ya. ūüėČ

Your personality fits into the design and layout mix¬†in an aesthetic way. People¬†like to have¬†their¬†space reflect who they are, whether this might be crazy pillow covers, art, or cottage furniture. Have fun with this one, as it doesn’t relate particularly close to the physical layout so much as the finishing touches and accents. I’d suggest making a Pinterest board for this one.

crazy reading nook3. Hobbies – Are you a tinkerer? Do you like to snowboard? Ride you road bike everywhere? Do you sew, or knit? Acro-yoga fanatic?

Each hobby requires a certain ‘space’ to practice.¬†Think about your hobbies and write them all down. See if you can’t create a space that acts in a multifunctional/modular¬†to accommodate multiple hobbies.¬†Other than that, keep in mind that your hobby most likely requires storage! Make a list of these and if you are coming up a number of them requiring more space than you need, think about numbering them from least to most engaging/fun and go from there to create your space. Remember, you can always take it outside if you need to.

deskE4. Career – This may not effect too many people when it comes to the design of their tiny, but if you’re like me and work the majority of the time from home, you’ll want a nice office.

Take stock of your current needs for work, or the possible near-term score on that dream career! Do you need a large desk to draw on? Using only a laptop. Keep in mind that many times, because this space is not utilized a lot you can create a drop-leaf desk, or build it in to another existing table, instead of designating an entire space to this.

5. Geographic / Locale РLocation is a big one. The allure of living in a tiny is of course being able to be mobile whenever you want. The downside of this is that depending on the original climate the home was built in you may find that the vapor barrier has been placed on the wrong side of the walls and will not accommodate your next move. To avoid this, I suggest staying in relatively the same climate type that the house was built in.

Will you be living in a ‘cooling climate’, or a ‘heating climate’? Is it arid, or is it humid, or even tropical? What are the DOT¬†size constraints on trailer sizes (these vary from state to state)? Will you be mostly bouncing around from park to park, or will you be hooked up to utilities and therefore not need to worry about electrical, water, and heating/ac needs?

I could go on about geography, climate and energy needs, but hopefully above thoughts will get you thinking from a productive and analytical perspective.


starboundhouse_zps2be52f8cIn closing, this is a very personal project offering you opportunity to tailor your surroundings toYOU, and who YOU are! Remember, have fun with it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original…or COOL!


A Rich Life With Less Stuff | The Minimalists

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, better known to their 2 million readers as The Minimalists, are the authors of several bestselling books, including EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS. They spoke at TEDxWhitefish about minimalism, the value of community, and discovering what makes people rich. For more info about The Minimalists visit