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“Tiny Nest” Couple Talks 3D Modeling & Construction

Just came across this couple in progress of making their tiny home. They’re out of Canada and if you check out their 2nd episode they touch briefly on their experience with importation¬†of the trailer.

In this video they talk in detail about the design-build process as they walk thru the SketchUp model. This is a nicely detailed video and very informative to all of you wondering about the process of construction and things needing to be thought of prior to the first swing of the hammer.

AC/DC Electrical Panel/Wiring Set Up For a Tiny House

I’ve been doing some research on power distribution for my tiny home and because I am wanting the option of being totally off-grid with solar charging it meant that for efficiency sake I would want to have my lighting on low-voltage DC while still being able to have the refrigerator, other appliances, and outlets running on AC all at the same time.

In short, I found this great video highlighting this nifty AC/DC all-in-one power box. Enjoy.

Here are the spec’s:

PD4000 Mighty Mini Inteli-Power Panel Specifications