Denver Tool Library

A new paradigm in the sharing economy has been rising in tool rental libraries. This uptick in local tool rental libraries around the nation is a direct reflection on the need for the access to tools otherwise expensive to own to be offered through a rental program. Benefits to these services range from instant use of a tool you need that day, or piece of mind knowing that you don’t have to budget for large tool purchases for projects.

DTL website screenshotHere in Denver a new organization called the, Denver Tool Library is helping to pave the way for one-time use tool rental. Being a budding tiny home designer and builder these types of services will most certainly come in handy for those hard to find, or expensive tool needs when it comes down to construction.

They have nominal membership fees and are an additional great source for other local creatives, workshops, and knowledge. If you’re like me and don’t want to bear the capital costs for purchasing construction tools, take a look at what’s going on there. Maybe we’ll bump into one another. 🙂






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