Renderings Of My Tiny Design

The design is a constant work in progress, but after about 7 months I think I’ve worked most of the design aesthetics, mechanical and electrical issues out. Below are a few renderings I made using SketchUp and the SU Podium plugin. Enjoy…

XO.2.2 2015-01-05 23451600000

Front ViewXO.2.2 2015-01-06 10194500000

Interior View from bathroom looking through the kitchen, ladder up to master loft on right, and office and the end.XO.2.2 2015-01-06 10325700000

Looking from inside the reading nook overhang through to the office, then kitchen and finally the bathroom below the movie/chill loft accessed by the climbing wall to the left.XO.2.2 2015-01-06 11094100000

Looking from the office through the kitchen and bathroom below the movie/chill loft accessed by the climbing wall to the left. Note the solid fuel Dickinson heater mounted to the left on the wall and clerestory windows in the chill loft.XO.2.2 2015-01-06 12352500000

View from the movie loft looking down onto the eating nook, dickinson heater. The kitchen is to the left and office at the end.XO.2.2 2015-01-06 12460200000

This is the master bedroom loft looking from ladder.
XO.2.2 2015-01-06 13204800000View from master loft out to the main floor. Note the aquaponics system above the kitchen sink that runs the length of the upper cabinets. Fun!



2 thoughts on “Renderings Of My Tiny Design”

  1. I know wall space is a premium. But, could you consider using french or sliding glass doors on the side opening to the porch? Since the weather is relatively reasonable in your area, it could help to extend your living space in the summer to the outside deck. Perhaps you could consider an easy way to allow for cooking and food prep outside during warmer summer months?


    1. Michael – Thanks for the thoughts. I would love to have sliding french doors. In fact, it was a thought for the front entrance. I’ve been toying with ideas for the back porch area that visually open that wall up, however as you know 😉 us designers need our wall space to hang renderings and have storage for all of our tools and prototype time-machine what-not. If I went the other way (towards the center) I would cut in to my cabinet and counter space…oh, the trade-offs of tiny home living. Make no mistake…to enjoy the outdoors, I will have a big deck…oh yes, it will be LRG. 🙂


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