The Creator


In light of the tiny home movement, I thought it pertinent to toss this little gem up by Ayn Rand…
Ayn Rand quoteForging new philosophies in thought is one of the most relegated and sought after tasks of each civilization. Ironically, the creators of such new visions of process, technique, and method are the ones most ridiculed.

Antithetically, as Rand notes, it is the one single thing that carries humanity and civilizations along, for better or for worse.

Albeit somewhat new to the world, the tiny home movement is no stranger to ridicule. There are still many hurdles to overcome. Whether it be local policy, code ambiguity, or aesthetic adoption the creators and followers of this movement must forge ahead carrying a civilization of misallocated resources, social paradigms, and misguided beliefs to a brave new vision of what it means to be a community, to share, have less stress, and live more by working less.

As Timothy Ferris put it, “The new rich.”



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