Choosing The Right Foundation for Your Tiny

Ok. So, there are numerous trailer types out there. Some are outfitted for large industrial use and some for lighter duty transport.

There are a few factors in choosing the right trailer for your tiny home and knowing some of the basics can go a long way to making the right decision for your tiny home foundation.

Trailer Types

Trailer Types

There are many options available, but when you factor in efficiency, safety, and load limits the choices are narrowed quickly. Above are many trailer types, but the two or three that you would ultimately narrow it down to the low-boy, utility trailer, or tilt trailer.

Additional Trailer TypesEach of these have slightly different specifications. A few things to note are trailer deck height, overall trailer deck width and length, making sure that the axles are rated according to the demands of the home (dual 5K axles =< 18′ / dual 7K axles =>20′), running lights, electric brakes (a must have), high load radial tires, and minimally curved fenders around the wheels. Other great added features are drop axles and galvanized and coated under flashing to deter road debris, as well as rodents and weather.

Check out TinyHomeBuilders custom trailer overview video…

Tumbleweed Trailer AnatomyKeep in mind that DOT has regulations on trailer size limitations and these vary from state to state. link for more info

Feel free to toss up any question below and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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