Moving From Material-centric to Life-centric

Life is a struggle between what we see and what we do and the measure of a person is solely based on the doing. We all wish to be a part of the greater community of humans, but somewhere along the way we have confused conformity in thought with conformity in action.

Now, rising above 6 billion people on the planet this ideology of material things tying us to our social status and therefore our worth as a person is quickly consuming the very things we depend on to survive; clean air, water, biodiversity, rich ecologies that are tied together and not severed by pavement byways and concrete city jungles.

Of course, each generation believes they are at the brink of some epic clash between nature and man. With the sea levels surging into seaside cities now regularly with the tied and CO2 levels higher than the earth has EVER seen. I think, unfortunately it may be true this time.

Eco-Anxiety cover
Eco-Anxiety coverI Chin

There are so many things outside of our ability to control or change. Plenty magazine coined the phrase, Eco-Anxiety in one of their magazine articles that referred to the overwhelming feeling people would get thinking about all of the environmental degradation plaguing us today coupled with the feeling of helplessness. The problem is huge, but there is hope yet.

The tiny home movement is a golden example of shifting the thought process from conformity in material-centric living to a more life-centric focus. That is to say, working to live, rather than living to work. Artists are a great example of this life philosophy.

When you remove the clutter (literally and figuratively) and parse your life down to the things you need, like to play with, and enjoy being around you clear the way for a life to lived for others, yourself and the community around you. You become AVAILABLE to those that matter and those that love you. Not to mention, your bills and expenses become a fraction of what you’r’e used to paying, so you can send it on more frequent vacations and outings with family and friends.

What’s not to love about that?!

So I say to you, challenge your beliefs, your things, and think about what you’d rather be doing than working another double at work.


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